With 21 different protocols, Back on Trac provides a wide range of treatment options to aid in relief of chronic back pain and its the perfect tool to keep the patient’s back in good health.

My name is JT Anderson. I lived for years with chronic back pain; some days good, some days bad. It was to the point of really not knowing what I could do for the relief. Throughout my life I witnessed my Dad being addicted to pain medication. As I got older, actually in my later teens, I asked my Dad how may he would take a day….about 6 to 9 was his reply. I asked if he was in pain and he told me not really, I just don’t want to be in pain. My dad died early in his life due to the pain medications slowly destroying his organs; affecting his heart, liver and kidneys. I never thought I would experience pain to such a degree where I would need medications as powerful as the medications my Dad used until about 5 years ago.
My pain had become so severe I was ready to do anything for relief. It had become impossible to carry on my daily activities including my work. My doctor had prescribed pain medications, which I thought I would never take, but they gave no relief; only left me feeling “out of it” and unable to function. Early one morning, about 1:30am, the pain was so severe I thought I was having a heart attack and my wife had to take me to the local emergency room. I was suffering from cold sweats, vomiting and no feeling in my right arm. These symptoms were caused from the pain medications, not a heart attack. I was treated and released; no pain medications for me! Long story short, after consultations with my doctor, an MRI was scheduled and the results were 2 fractured discs and 2 bulging discs and I was referred to a neurosurgeon. According to this doctor, he offered epidural injections as an alternative to surgery and I agreed to try this option. The injections were in a series of 3. The first injection went fine; the second injection caused paralysis from my waist down for approximately four hours and they wheeled me out the back door! I told my wife I was not going back for the third but she insisted so I did. The relief I received was brief, only about 6 months and the pain returned. After this, I was left with the option of more injections or surgery. I simply was not going to give in to back surgery. You see, two of my sisters have had multiple back surgeries. They all failed. One sister has gone so far as to have a device implanted in her back that sends a signal to her brain telling her she is not in pain. What?! What is actually going on in her back?
Being a back pain sufferer every doctor’s treatment varies, from your Primary Care Physician to a Pain Management Physician, the treatment will be different. From a patient’s point of view, I have never had a physician diagnose my situation accurately. Their recommendation is almost always take pain medication, don’t lift anything heavy, and rest. Problem; masking the symptoms does not help solve the problem.
BACK ON TRAC started as a solution for my needs with no intention of bringing it to the market place. I was an individual with back issues and wanted relief and was determined to come up with a piece of equipment that would get me the relief I needed.

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