Dynavision has over 20 years of published peer-reviewed research into the efficacy of the D2™ in areas including:

  • Sports Vision Training
  • Concussion Avoidance and Diagnosis
  • Stroke and TBI Rehabilitation

Dynavision D2™

The Dynavision D2™ is recognized worldwide as the leading visual-motor training device for clinical rehabilitation, high performance sports, and tactical training. Numerous programmable options facilitate individualized training programs for various ages, abilities and conditions. Regardless of your client’s abilities at baseline, everyone will benefit from visual, cognitive and motor skill training with the D2™.

  • FDA Cleared Medical Device
  • Over 20 years of published research
  • Evaluate and train the entire visual field
  • Automatic multi-sensory feedback
  • Extreme durability for high performance use

Dynavision Gait and Balance™ with Mobility Lab by APDM

Dynavision Gait and Balance™ delivers a portable gait and balance laboratory that measures, analyzes and stores outcomes from any location. Wireless, wearable sensors record natural movements to detect changes in balance over time. Mobility Lab software includes standardized gait and balance assessments such as the Timed Up and Go (TUG), Postural Sway Test, and Two Minute Walk Test. Standard protocols and test instructions are provided for consistency. Upon completion of a test, a user-friendly report is automatically generated to compare test results with normative values.   

  • Extensive research evidence
  • Complete gait cycle analysis
  • One to six sensor configurations
  • Prolonged battery life
  • High test-retest reliability and validity
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