Why Z-Health


First and foremost, Z-Health is a complete training system that puts you back in control of your own performance. By using the nervous system to rapidly “debug” your movement patterns, you can create lighting-fast improvements in performance. (Plus pain relief, injury prevention, and mindset.)


As an educational company, the goal of Z-Health Performance is to help create professionals in the top 1% of their respective fields. We do this by providing life-long world-class education, coaching, and instruction – providing individuals the framework and tools they need to optimize their health and performance.


Z-Health puts the athlete, and his or her nervous system, at the center of its training. When you understand modern neuroscience one thing becomes abundantly clear: lackluster performance is not a strength problem. Or a problem resolved through drills. Or resolved through better physical therapy, or stretching. As seen in the diagram below, the Z-Health system focuses on 9 specific athletic attributes. Every single one of them is immensely important to athleticism and not addressing any one of these may be what prevents you or your clients from ever reaching your true potential.

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