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ATHLETIC REPUBLIC – ACCELERATION PROTOCOLS for speed, agility, and footwork

We offer individualized training programs that are adjusted based on regular assessments, the athlete’s opportunities (or areas) for improvement and their year-long practice and competition schedules.

Introductory – NO RISK TRIAL SESSION (Money Back Guarantee) 60 minutes $20.00

Acceleration 6 (6) 90 minute session $258.00 package 90 minutes $43.00 each
Acceleration 12 (12) 90 minute session $480.00 package * 90 minutes $40.00 each
Acceleration 18 (18) 90 minute session $620.00 package * 90 minutes $34.00 each

110% CLUB - 3-month membership $299.00 per month for 3 consecutive months
Unlimited Acceleration Sessions in addition to the use of Strength & Conditioning Training Area

Team Training - Group Team Discounts available


Sports Therapy, Sports Rehabilitation, Advance Release Technique (ART), Chiropractic Care, & Recovery Services

Initial Exam & Treatment 60 minutes $95.00
Tier I Treatment Follow Up $50.00
Tier II Treatment Follow Up $65.00
Tier III Treatment Follow Up $85.00
Functional Movement Screening Assessment $75.00


Coaches typically focus on the physical side of sport. Sports Psychologists focus on the athlete’s mind. Sport Psychologists can help athletes – professionals and amateurs alike – achieve their goals. The same strategies that Sports Psychologists teach athletes – relaxation techniques, mental rehearsals and cognitive restructuring, are also useful in the workplace, at school and other settings.

Initial Consultation 60 minutes $125.00
Office visit 30 minutes $60.00
Office visit 60 minutes $95.00
Distance Consultation 60 minutes $60.00
Off-site Consultation $110.00
Team / Organizations 90 minutes $300.00


Therapeutic and Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Release, Cupping, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

NEW CLIENT – 1st Visit Special 60 minute session $60.00

30 minute session $45.00
60 minute session $75.00
90 minute session $110.00


Customized training available 1:1 or for small group of 2-3 individuals for youth & adults. Male and female trainers on staff. All sessions are scheduled in 60 minute sessions

Introductory session New Clients $75.00
Individual - Package of 5 sessions $325.00 $65.00 each
Individual - Package of 10 sessions $590.00 $59.00 each
Partner (2) – Package of 5 $245.00 per partner $49.00 each
Partner (2) – Package of 10 $450.00 per partner $45.00 each
Group (3) – Package of 5 $195.00 per person $39.00 each
Group (3) – Package of 10 $350.00 per person $35.00 each


Group training program for active adults committed to staying healthy and being better prepared to participate in their sport of choice. AR-FIT combines a wide range of movement velocities with a variety of loads to safely expose muscles to a training program that will safely raise the athlete’s fitness threshold.

Individual session $23.00 each
Package of 8 (60 minute sessions) $152.00 package $19.00 each

Adult Endurance Sports Training

Customize your training schedule with individualized, small-group speed, agility, strength, and balance. Each training package includes a performance or threshold assessment with Super Treadmill running sessions –both forward and retrograde training as well as Plyometric training sessions.
(6) 60-minute sessions $216.00 60 minutes $36.00 each
(12) 60-minute sessions $408.00 60 minutes $34.00 each
(18) 60-minute sessions $540.00 60 minutes $30.00 each


Provides a pre-test using Dartfish video and written mechanical analysis of the athlete’s approach including vertical and attack reach height. A certified Solo-Spike trainer provides athletes the tools to develop long term changes in dynamic hitting and the development of muscle memory through focused repetitions. The trainer will target the specific areas of need in improvement for developing mechanically sound hitters while improving power, efficiency and point of attack.

Solo-Spike Initial Evaluation 30 minute session $40.00
Solo-Spike Hitters Club (6 Sessions) 60 minute sessions $180.00


Provides a complete game plan for golfers of all ages and skill levels. The program includes golf lessons with PGA certified teaching professional along with practice plans and the opportunity to play simulated rounds in the state of the art golf lab powered by TrackMan4, Swing Catalyst, and E6. (See website for details)

Click here to learn more about our JUNIOR Golf Performance Summer Program