About 1P4:10 Sports

1P4:10 Sports is an integrated sports services company committed to structuring a balanced athletic plan for all.

Every athlete needs a plan and a team to help reach new heights of success.  1P4:10 provides a level of service that includes a complete game plan to touch all elements of athletic development.  1P4:10’s staff will serve as your athletic training team including mental performance training, massage therapy, recovery, strength & conditioning, Athletic Republic performance sports training, and technical instruction for golf & volleyball. 

Our services are all under one roof in our 5500 square foot training center behind the Alden Bridge Center in The Woodlands. Link to site photos or have gallery plug-in here…

1P4:10 Sports features, Dr. Derrick Raymer helping athletes of all ages and skills develop a balanced game plan to reach peak performance.  1P4:10 serves as your integrated sports performance team delivering:

  • Performance Sports Training-scientifically proven Athletic Republic protocols to help improve speed, power, and agility
  • Sports Therapy -- Dr. Derrick Raymer and his staff delivers soft tissue treatment, Functional Movement Screenings (FMS) injury prevention education, massage therapy, and recovery programs. 
  • Mindset/Mental Readiness/Sports Psychology -- Adrienne Langelier 
  • Golf Performance
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Outreach--helping the community balance sports and performance with fellowship, leadership forums, and ministry to serve others